Shyloe – Financial Services Senior Specialist

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Testimonials

Working for Sentinel for 3 years, the company has gone through many changes and is at the best it has been in the 3 years I have worked here, as far as a place to work.  The people currently in place create an open environment working closely together to accomplish the goals the company has put in place.  The atmosphere that has been created by current management has opened the doors for working fully together, leading to open communication, the ability to put in our views and have a place to be able to be heard.  Management listens to the employees.  If an idea isn’t what is best for the company, it is discussed, not just shot down.  From where we were 3 years ago to today is a night and day difference, and the differences that have been made are more positive than any other company I have worked for.