Project Management

  • Pre-foreclosure Property Management:  Clients depend on Sentinel to manage the details required to achieve and maintain their residential properties in compliant conveyance condition. 
  • REO Property Management:  Sentinel coordinates a full array of services necessary in support of compliant disposition of REO properties.  We handle the tedious administrative details to prevent costly delays at closing, while mobilizing a network of local independent contractors to complete services tailored to the unique specifications of our clients.

Compliance Support

  • Vacant Property Registration: Sentinel facilitates the processing and completion of property registration services on behalf of the client.
  • Utility & HOA Payments: Sentinel processes utility payments directly to the local utility companies, or reimbursements to agents/brokers on behalf of the client for related utility expenses.
  • Utility Activation/deactivation: Sentinel facilitates all utility-related functions for each REO property serviced.
  • Environmental Remediation: Sentinel provides the research, identification and resolution of biohazards, including black mold infestations, chemical or oil spills, meth labs, deceased habitants, Chinese drywall remediation, asbestos issues, lead paint contamination and other biohazard issues.
  • Lien Resolution: All pending liens are researched, quantified and resolved by Sentinel.

Property Inspections

  • Property Condition Report: This inspection is an on-site visual observation of the property to determine the overall condition and occupancy status of the property.
  • REO Check-Up: REO Check-Up is an independent, on-site assessment of an REO property to determine the overall condition and marketability. The service ultimately ensures clients that each property is being kept secure, well maintained and readily marketable to show prospective buyers.

Property Preservation

  • Initial Cleaning and Securing: Sentinel provides janitorial services to bring each property to a “market-ready” condition.
  • Lock Work: Sentinel changes the lock(s) at each property to the key code according to the regulatory requirements and/or client requirements.
  • Winterization: This property preservation service authorizes Sentinel to winterize the plumbing at each property to prevent freeze damage, according to the investor requirements for each loan type.
  • Yard Maintenance: Sentinel performs all the necessary lawn maintenance to maintain the property’s appearance, prevent further degradation to the grounds, and relieve the property of any existing or potential violation of local ordinance
  • Debris Removal: This property preservation service authorizes Sentinel to remove interior, exterior and/or hazardous debris at each property based on client requirements and/or the investor specifications for each loan type. All such debris removal and disposal is conducted in compliance with all jurisdictional requirements.
  • Pool Securing: Sentinel secures each pool or hot tub based on the regulatory requirements for the applicable loan type.
  • Conveyance Condition Management: Sentinel ensures that all work required by the regulatory guidelines for each loan type is complete and that the property is in conveyance condition.
  • Repair & Rehabilitation: In addition to the standard property preservation services, Sentinel provides repair and rehabilitation services on a bid-basis for renovations and repairs that go beyond the standard services.

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