Who We Are

Our Mission: To transform the industry with unimpeachable character, innovative solutions, and service excellence.

Who we are:

Sentinel facilitates efficient and effective property management for owners of pre-foreclosure and REO residential properties.  We handle the tedious administrative details necessary to support compliant operations, while mobilizing local, experienced resources to provide timely and precise inspections, maintenance, repairs, and more.

What sets Sentinel apart:

Passion for Precision: As the company name suggests, Sentinel helps protect its clients against fines and penalties associated with handling foreclosed properties, while facilitating securing, preserving, protecting, and maintaining its clients’ properties.  Extensive application of Six-Sigma principles drives continual process improvement and increased performance in Sentinel’s quest for ZERO DEFECTS.  Getting it right the first time reduces unnecessary expenses and delays associated with re-work.

100% Quality Review: Whether by field support resources in regional field offices, or by independent QC inspectors contracted by Sentinel to review field results, 100% of all work orders receive a manual review and validation prior to submission to clients.

Deep Industry Expertise: With decades of successful experience in the industry, Sentinel is a valued partner.  Sentinel consults with clients to improve people, processes, and technologies in a way that supports consistent compliance and performance. 

Company history:

Founded in 2001, Sentinel has decades of mortgage industry and property management experience.  Co-founded by a former guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery, Sentinel has thrived through all the ups and downs of the industry by consistently delivering best-in-class performance – protecting clients against fines and penalties, while helping to maximize the value of their properties.

Who We Serve

Banks & Lenders

Many of the nation’s largest banks and lenders on Sentinel Field Services to manage the processes for assessing their properties’ condition and preserving them in ‘conveyance condition’.


Time is money for mortgage servicers when dealing with foreclosed properties.  Servicers rely on Sentinel to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the process that preserves & maintains REO properties in conveyance condition.

Government Sponsored Entities

GSEs expect their REO properties to “shine” throughout the asset sales process.  Immediately upon acquisition, Sentinel oversees the process of quickly polishing those properties to client specifications and maintaining them in stellar condition through to closing.


Investors look to Sentinel for cost-effective and consistent oversight of the preservation of their property assets, maximizing the return on investment whether through the sale or rental of the property.

Community Involvement


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