SFS Vendors,

Photos are a critical part of this work. They document the work that was completed at each property, and help protect you from claims of theft and vandalism. However missing photos are the biggest source for reported deficiencies for debris removal. Proper debris removal photos are critical, no matter the cubic yard count.  Below is a list of photos needed any time debris is removed.

  • Before photos showing all debris, during photos, and after photos in all areas showing all debris has been removed from the property.
  • Each trailer/dumpster photo needs to be labeled and numbered with a white board showing empty, 1/3, 2/3, and full.
  • Each trailer/dumpster needs measurement photos regardless of the number of trailers used. This is required for every trashout.

If you have questions regarding debris removal or these photo requirements, please contact your Project Coordinator or the Field Manager.

Thank you

Sentinel Field Services